Vote for Best Artist 2013


Yes, it’s this time of the year again folks!

For those who don’t know, BEST ARTIST is a Japanese TV music program organized by voting.
The audience vote until early November and the most requested artists will appear on the show sometime in November (date was not announced as of now).

Here is a little tutorial to help you vote for your favorite artist Mika-chan~!

First, go to this page : BEST ARTIST 2013
You’ll have to fill in this survey form:

ペンネーム (your nickname / name)
年代 (age bracket)
性別 (gender): 男(man) 女(woman)
Favorite artist #1
Favorite artist #2
Favorite artist #3
Favorite artist #4
Favorite artist #5
Quote one song from one of the artist listed earlier you want to listen to the most.

All answers must be filled in Japanese.
Here is the kanji for Mika’s name : 中島美嘉

Once you’re done, click on the left button (送信) to validate your vote.

That’s all! Let’s all vote~~
You can vote once a day (I think?)

2 commentaires pour “Vote for Best Artist 2013”

  1. Best artist

  2. Thanks for posting the link.
    i have voted for Mika-Chan to sing « Always »

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