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After 3 years and a half, Mika will finally release a brand new studio album called « JOKER » on October 7th 2020. It had been delayed because of the pandemic but Mika said that she’s been quite satisfied with how it turned out as it took about half a year to produce.

There will be a deluxe version and it will include 6 new songs, plus 8 previously released singles.


CD only version

1 ノクターン (Nokutan / Nocturne)
2 A or B
3 KISS OF DEATH(Produced by HYDE) 
4 Good Bye
6 So What
7 Justice 
8 無垢なるもの(Marie starring MIKA NAKASHIMA) (Mukunaru mono / Innocent)
9 Happy Life(中島美嘉×Salyu /Produced by 小林武史)
10 彩恋~SAI_REN~
11 innocent
12 ドミノ (Domino)
13 夜が明ける前に (Yogaakeru mae ni / Before Dawn)
14 虹が出たら君に逢いに (Niji ga detara kimi ni ai ni / When the rainbow appears, I will meet you)

Limited Edition

DVD Content
<Music Video>
M1. A or B

M2. KISS OF DEATH(Produced by HYDE)
M3. イノサンRouge <Marie Starring MIKA NAKASHIMA>
M4. ノクターン
M5. Justice 

< Mika Nakashima Special Studio Live> M1. innocent M2. KISS OF DEATH(Produced by HYDE) M3. ノクターン M4. A or B

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It has been announced that Nakashima will be starring in a brand new and original NETFLIX TV series titled « FOLLOWERS ».
Mika will be starring alongside with actresses Yuka Itawa, as well as Miki Nakatani.
The story revolves around Sayo (Nakashima), a fallen singer who struggles in life and a famous photographer as well as her manager. Social Media will be at the center of storyline as well.

FOLLOWERS will be produced by the famous Mika Ninagawa.

It has also been announced that Mika has contributed 2 new songs to FOLLOWERS, lyrics written by the singer herself.


FOLLOWERS is set to broadcast on Netflix in early 2020 worldwide in 190 different countries!

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It has been announced today that Mika’s musical will also be held in Paris in February 2020!! It’ll be Mika’s first performence in Europe.
Details will be announced during the summer.


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Mika will be starring in the new butai Innocent musicale alongside with Lead’s Furuya Keita

The contents of INNOCENT musicale will be based on the Innocent & Innocent Rouge manga by mangaka Sakamoto Shinichi.
Mika will be acting as Marie-Joseph Sanson onstage

The Innocent musicale butai will be held on 29th Nov to 10th Dec at Hulic Hall Tokyo.

Plot summary : In the 18th century, seeking freedom and equality, the event that became the starting point of modern French society, the French Revolution, began.
There was one more protagonist who lived within the darkness, Henry Charles Sanson. He was the fourth generation family head of the Sanson Family, and executioner of Paris.
Nakashima will play the role of his sister, Marie Joseph.


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It comes out as a surprise for most fans, but Mika-chan will be touring this year again! It’ll be her first acoustic tour which will start in April this year and end in July.

2016.04.27: Saitama Prefecture Wako Civic Cultural Center San Azalea
2016.04.29: Miyagi Prefecture Izumiti 21 large hall
2016.05.02: Osaka Prefecture NHK Osaka Hall
2016.05.07: Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Great Hall
2016.05.12: Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Symphony Hall
2016.05.14: Hiroshima Prefecture JMS Aster Plaza Great Hall
2016.05.19: Kamakura Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture Art Museum
2016.05.21: Ishikawa Prefecture, Honda Forest Hall
2016.05.27: Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama civic center
2016.05.29: Hyogo Prefecture Tatsuno Comprehensive Cultural Center red dragonfly Cultural Hall Large Hall
2016.06.02: Tokyo Tokyo International Forum Hall C
2016.06.06: Tokyo Tokyo International Forum Hall C
2016.06.07: Tokyo Tokyo International Forum Hall C
2016.06.19: Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu Civic Cultural Center
2016.06.25: Kagoshima Prefecture Baoshan Hall
2016.06.26: Kumamoto Prefectural theater hall
2016.07.02: Yamanashi Prefecture Tokyo Electron Nirasaki Cultural Hall
2016.07.03: Kanagawa Prefecture Harmony Hall Zama
2016.07.10: Tochigi Prefecture Nasushiobara Kuroiso Cultural Center
2016.07.18: Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Center Grand Hall

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