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Interview by Mori Tomoyuki | 2013.08.20


‘A new single sang with the ultimate sincerity’

Nakashima Mika’s second 2013 single, ‘Boku ga Shinou to Owarunara’ will be released in late August. Originally produced by rock band Amazarashi, the song describes human’s hability to face the future with positivity, a rock ballad that will move your very own soul.

Q: How about the tour?

I enjoyed a lot. I needed much more power than usual as it was my first tour in a while. I found another issue on my vocal and I think I still have so much to do.

Q: What is it that you remember the most?

Fans always plan surprises for me. This time, all the audience raised paper fans with a message written on them. Though they usually do such things at one of the Osaka shows, they did in Niigata this time. I was so thrilled.

Q: How about audience’s response to « Boku ga shinou to… »?

I thought I’d sing its lyrics clearly, but the power of the song itself was so strong that many people looked dazed. And at the moment I finished singing, I thought « We failed, didn’t we? » to see some absent-looking people. But of course, I could feel a good response at the same time.

Q: Song title has a powerful impact.

At first, I thought the title would be changed to one with a positive image, but they didn’t. I had no objection. There may be some people who take it in a negative way, but you’ll find it’s a very positive song when you listen to the whole thing.

Q: First impression of the song?

I was in an abstracted state, holding back my tears.

Q: Like audience in the concert hall?

Exactly. (laughs) Simply, it’s a great song. We planned an up-tempo tune at first. But as soon as we received this from amazarashi-san, our plan was blown off. Everybody said « Let’s go with this song! »

Q: Did you feel empathy for the lyircs too?

Of course. I suppose that that happened to everyone. You don’t think you’d really die, but there are times when you feel it’s hard to live on, having clouds in your mind. At such times, please listen to the last line, « I will place my hope in this world a little bit where people like you are alive », and you’ll find this isn’t a negative song. Of course, you can take it that you can keep trying or you can live on as there’s a person whom you love or there’s an important person for you.

Q: Personally, I liked the line, « The reason why I only consider dying is because I’m way too serious to live on »… How about you?

Me too, I was impressed by the line, « Yeah, exactly! ». I have a feeling that I’m saved and I get peace of mind when I’m singing. I’m greatly encouraged and heartened. This song has become very important for me again from that aspect.

Q: How was the recording?

I was always aware of how to express the lyrics correctly. Though at first I struggled just to deal with the difficulty the song had, I came to be able to express spontaneously while I was singing repeatedly. Amazarashi-san’s songs have a peculiar way of putting words on melodies and in their use of the phrase. It was a type of song I’ve never sung before. So I listened to it in its demo-tape over and over again so as not to make a mistake and copied the song perfectly. I was about to lose my mind. (laughs)

Q: I think you absorbed the song perfectly…

Thank you. It may be related to my age. If I sang this when I was young, the song might have become kind of frivolous and might be simply valued as a ‘cool’ song. Precisely because I reached the age of 30s, I think I could add some kind of a weight and a reality to the song. I accept every interpretation of the messages of the song and I can sing the song with responsibility. It may be a part of me that has changed.

Q: So it’s a song that you can sing because you reached your 30s, isn’t it?

Yeah. Actually, I’ve kept on improving ever since I turned 30 years old. Until about 27 years old, I was always feeling somhow ‘gloomy’, and sometimes I thought « It would be nice if I can draw a curtain while I am still ‘young and beautiful.' » But when I got to 30, I thought « I’ll go on until I’m regarded as a monster. » (laughs) I’ve become less and less worried about such small things. I’m feeling very good now.

Translation by Micaddict & Utena

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Hi everyone! It took me some time, but I finally managed to work on a new improved version of!
I still have a few things to adjust here and there, but it’s finally here!

Hope you’ll like it, and feel free to let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

See you soon with more cool updates~~!

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1.僕が死のうと思ったのは (6:20)
作詞: 秋田ひろむ(作詞)
作曲: 秋田ひろむ(作曲)
編曲: 出羽良彰(編曲)
2. Today (5:29)
作詞: 秋田ひろむ(作詞)
作曲: 秋田ひろむ(作曲)
編曲: 出羽良彰(編曲)
3. 桜色舞うころ -natural edition- (4:48)
作詞: 川江美奈子(作詞)
作曲: 川江美奈子(作曲)
編曲: 野村陽一郎(編曲)
4. 僕が死のうと思ったのは -Instrumental- (6:20)

1. 僕が死のうと思ったのは(MUSIC VIDEO&#65289

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