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– The Music video for Hanataba has been broadcasted on Japanese TV a few days ago.
Mika-chan’s thoughts on the video:

« In a super cold rain, it was so hard to film scenes of running barefoot and falling down on the ground, but I’m really happy that the worldview of the lyrics was sufficiently depicted and the video turned out to be a very beautiful piece. »

The video was filmed at the base of Mt. Fuji by Tadokoro Takashi who directed other Mika videos such as LEGEND, Seppun, My Sugar Cat, Ashita Sekai ga Owarunara, Hatsukoi, Sakura~hanagasumi, GAME and was in charge of Art direction of the short movie project of SAMSARA.

Hanataba (full ver.)

Hanataba (full ver.)

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– You can now find romanji lyrics for Hanataba and Ai no Uta in the lyrics library, as well as a rough English translation of Hanataba : –> lyrics base

– For this single, Mika-chan will be promoting on TV. Here’s an updated version of the schedule so far:
2015.10.30 | Buzz Rhythm
2015.10.30 | Music Station SP
2015.11.01 | KANJAM
2015.11.?? | Love music

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Hanataba (short ver.)

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Mika-chan will release her brand new single « Hanataba » on October 28th. The title track was written and composed by Tamaki Koji, and is described as a heartwarming ballad song that will change the hesitation and pain you have to face every day into joy and gratitude.

« Hanataba » will also be used as the theme and insert song for Fuji TV’s drama Otona Joshi to be premiered on October 15th.

Mika-chan commented, « my latest single, Hanataba was decided to release on October 28th. The song was newly written by Tamaki Koji-san. In hard times, when you are likely to feel discouraged, holding an « unchanging welcoming » hand which leads you to make the next step, and the one after that…I think that this gentleness was nicely transcribed in the song. And we have also determined that the song would be the theme song of the drama « Otona Joshi ». I’ll be glad if you could listen to it and enjoy along with the drama. »

Actress Shinohara Ryoko, who is the lead of the drama, also commented on the song: « With Nakashima-san singing to Tamaki-san’s song, I thought it would be a wonderful fit. I am already looking forward to how this mature ballad will add grace to the drama. »

The b-side of the single will be previously released song, « Ai no Uta », which was an insert song for TBS’ drama « Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! ». It was written and composed by Maekawa Shingo of Kariyushi58.

Track List

01. Hanataba
02. Ai no Uta
03. Hanataba(Instrumental)
04. Ai no Uta(Instrumental)
05. Hanataba (Drama ver.)

・ Hanataba(MUSIC VIDEO)

Redio rip

花束 (Radio Rip)

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Remember last year’s Premium lives Mika did for her fanclub members? Well, she’s doing another bunch of premium lives in August. They’ll be held in Tokyo again, only for fanclub members.
Date : August 7th, August 21st, August 28th.

Moreover, the first Premium Live was already held in Tokyo this past week, here is the setlist:

1. 愛詞 (あいことば) (Ai kotoba)
2. ピアス (Pierce)
7. Gift
8. Missing
9. Dear
10. 僕が死のうと思ったのは (Boku ga shinouto omottanowa)
11. JOY
12. 命の別名 (Inochi no betsumei / Miyuki Nakajima cover)

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It’s been a while we haven’t updated the page so here are the latest Mika related news:

– The 2015 Concert tour “THE BEST”~DEARS&TEARS~ now over, it has been partially broadcasted on WOWOW TV. You can find extracts on’s facebook page. Note that the DVD and Bluray will be released on September 30th. (DVD: AIBL-9325 / Bluray: AIXL-62)

– Mika-chan is going to take part in « RockCorps supported by JT 2015 » that is to be held in the Fukushima Pref. on September 5th.
Anyone who gives 4 hours of their time at a RockCorps organized volunteer event in their local community is given a ticket to an exclusive concert put on by RockCorps. RockCorps has featured famous artists at their concerts, including Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, T.I., Akon, Nelly, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West…

Mika commented

I think this is a wonderful attempt to promote participation in a social contribution through music. I’m very happy to be able to join this event. I’ll put my soul into each song with respect for the participants in the live show.

– She’ll also take part in a tribute concert to singer songwriter Nakajima Miyuki. The live event « Nakajima Miyuki RESPECT LIVE Uta-Enishi » will be held at Osaka Festival Hall on November 23rd and at Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza Hall on November 29th.
Uta-Enishi translates as Uta (song) + Enishi (relationship, bond, link)

Note that Mika sang a couple of Miyuki-san’s songs « 愛詞 Aikotoba » (37th single), « 糸 Ito » (premium live 2014) and « 命の別名 Inochi no betsumei » (premium live 2015)


  • 2015.10.30 | Buzz Rhythm
  • 2015.10.30 | Music Station SP
  • 2015.11.01 | KANJAM
  • 2015.11.?? | Love music
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