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It has been revealed that Mika-chan will simultaneously release two best-of albums « DEARS » and « TEARS » on November 5.

« DEARS » and « TEARS » will contain 20 songs each (10 per CD + 6 per DVD), totaling to 40 songs that the singer has released since her debut song « STARS » to her latest collaboration single with Miliyah Kato, « Fighter / Gift ».

The two albums will have the concept « two tears » with the theme « tears for tomorrow » for DEARS and the theme « tears for somebody » for TEARS. Nakashima therefore commented, « It would make me happy if it becomes an album through which everyone can reflect on various memories while listening to the songs. »

The jacket covers for these albums were made with her debut single « STARS » as the base design. Changing the motif from « lotus » to « snow crystal », DEARS features the same picture of Nakashima that was used for « STARS », while « TEARS » features a picture that was taken in 2014.

Moreover, to commemorate the two releases, Nakashima will hold a live event called ‘Ichimannin no Yuki no Hana’ on December 30 at Nippon Budokan. During the live, she is expected to sing various songs in front of 10,000 fans. She will also sing her hit single « Yuki no Hana » together with the fans which will be recorded for future release.

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« Let’s enjoy the World Cup! » sang Nakashima Mika and Kato Miliyah in Rio where W-Cup is held


In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Kato Miliyah and Nakashima Mika, called « Mikamiri », have released a collaboration single « Fighter / Gift » to celebrate the kickoff of the World Cup (released on June 4th), and « Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix) » was also included in the 2014 FIFA World Cup official album as the Asia representative song.

The two Asia representatives joined hands at the FIFA Fan Fest on the evening of June the 13th (local time), which was held at the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro special event space. When they appeared in outdoor public viewing venue, Brazil was full of energy after the qualification match of Group B, Spain VS Netherlands. By singing the song appearing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup official album, the Asia representative song « Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix), » the girls wowed about 10 million football fans who participated in the event.

They both asked the audience to « put your hands up » toward the audience, and then a large crowd of arms raised appeared all at once.
During the second segment of the performance, the singers added, « Thank you very much! Football is the best! » before popular local artists DT Passinho appeared under a wave of applause, Two people drew applause surprise co-star local popular artists DT Passinho six dancers dancing and singing along the traditional Brazilian dancing Passinho. They then left the stage while greeting in Portuguese and finished with « Let’s enjoy the World Cup together!! »

Nakashima said commenting on the impression left by the audience of Brazil « I came from the other side of the world, but I was impressed by the audience who accepted us Japanese people. »
Kato said « I was really excited because I think in Brazil you want to go all the way, yet opportunities to sing in a location that allows you to look at 100,000 people are not easy to encounter. » She therefore added « It felt like when I sang in London at the Olympics, but live abroad is soooo good!! Also to all the members of the Japanese national team, I hope that our feelings could reach all of you! »

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